After 14 years of turf farming, David Riches took the opportunity to work for a construction company where he oversaw the landscaping and lawn maintenance of new housing developments. He became quickly frustrated with the quality and consistency of the turf product his landscapers were receiving and learned firsthand the difficulties of relying on the farm for delivery. Suddenly he found himself thinking of farming again and how he could improve things for the landscaping contractors.

Every step of the way Wolverine is set up to make Turf ordering and delivery as easy for the professional landscaper as possible. See how easy it is to work with us by contacting us today to learn more.


Landscape plantings, including lawn areas around the home and workplace, have been shown to affect people positively. A healthy, maintained lawn area creates an inviting view for those passing by and provides an aesthetically pleasing, natural backdrop for other landscape elements.

Creating healthy and sustainable lawns and landscapes that provide these and many other human and environmental benefits does not happen by chance. It begins with carefully considered, well-planned landscape design. Selecting the most appropriate plant material is important followed by a maintenance program that minimizes resource losses (e.g., nutrients, soil, water) from the ecosystem. In turn, these lawns and landscapes will require fewer outside inputs to sustain their health and remain environmentally functional and aesthetically pleasing.


We’ll take the pain out of getting your new grass off our floor and on yours. Wolverine Turf Farm services the Okanagan Valley including Kelowna, Vernon and Kamloops. Our own fleet of trucks ensures fresh, robust, lawn arrives on time and in perfect condition within 24 hours of harvest. As grass is a perishable product please note that we require 2 days from order to delivery.