Turf plays a critical role in our general health and welfare and is not only a major source of beauty and comfort in our lives, but also a cleansing answer to our environment.


A “no hassle” way to get an instant lawn of lush, green turf.


Seed is delicate and requires your full attention for 16 months. There are several issues to consider: too much or too little rain, fertilizing, mowing, reseeding patchy areas. Wolverine Turf, on the other hand, needs very little attention until the roots take hold in two to four weeks.


Pets and children can be hard on a seeded lawn. All it takes is one errand soccer ball being chased on immature grass to end up with growing patches and mud tracked across your home.


Turf can sometimes be cheaper than using seed. By the time you buy all the herbicides, insecticides and fertilizer for a seed lawn, you’ll end up spending more money. There’s also the trial and error factor, and you might over-fertilize or under water, which could scorch your new grass. You will most likely have to reseed the thin or bare spots to get an even lawn.


Wovlerine uses a proven seed blend that produces the finest bluegrass turf. Proven turf developed with 16 years of experience that has established exceptional genes.


It is always best to minimize the amount of chemicals used in your lawn. As part of our growing process, Wolverine limits the use of herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals. On the other hand, seeding requires three or more applications of herbicides to keep the weeds from competing with the grass.


  • Protects houses against bushfires: turfgrass around buildings helps retard the spread of fire
  • Produces new soil: ‘grasscycling’ – leaving clippings on the lawn and allowing them to decay naturally – creates new soil and releases nutrients as the clippings decompose
  • Absorbs noise and can be especially helpful in urban areas. For example grassed slopes beside lowered motorways reduce noise 8 to 10 decibels


Turf makes the surrounding environment cooler and increases the cooling capacity of your home. Properties with turf will be much cooler than properties surrounded only by pavers or concrete.

The temperature of a green lawn in mid summer can be:

  • 10°C less than bare soil
  • 20°C less than pavers or concrete

Grass functions as an air conditioner with the capability to cool, even in urban areas. The cooling power of turf helps conserve energy and save money as air-conditioning use can be significantly lowered.

One average front lawn has the cooling affect of 8.75 tonnes of air conditioning (an average home air conditioner only has a 4 tonne capacity), without the negative effects on the environment like carbon dioxide emissions.

Research studies have found that:
Grassy areas create feelings of serenity, privacy, thoughtfulness, happiness or reflection turf is the safest surface for outdoor leisure activities, games and sports psychologically, the colour green makes us feel closer to nature and makes us feel rested turf is usually the centerpiece of a garden and while many of us see it as a chore, mowing your lawn gets you outdoors and provides valuable cardiovascular exercise!